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Rental sleds are a popular alternative to skis, snowboards and other products. Made of wood, sleds feature a seat covered in fabric. Because you won’t slip on the seat, you’ll remain stable going through curves. The steel-reinforced runners cut right through the fresh new snow, keeping you right on track even through icy passages. You steer using a rope attached to the runners, as well as by shifting your weight on the sled.

If you are sledding with kids, we recommend a practical back support, providing additional safety during your fun-filled ride. The support is installed right behind the seat. Aside from the safety aspect, a back rest also gives you added comfort. So you can lean back and enjoy your ride to the full. 

“Sledding Paradise Engadin” in detail

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Sledding is especially popular with families. In the Engadin, you will find numerous sledding hills and routes that are also suited for children. Depending on how old they are, children can ride a sled of their own or hitch a ride on the sled of a parent or older companion. 

The most popular sled runs for families in and around St. Moritz are: 

For a truly exhilarating sled ride, we recommend the sled run on Muottas Muragl. 4.2 kilometers long, steep in parts with numerous curves, sledders are able to reach high speeds. This turbulent course leads through the forest and occasionally affords spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. For this sled run, you should absolutely wear a helmet and follow the posted safety guidelines. Not suitable for small children.

The Preda-Bergün sled run is one of the longest and best known in the Alps, fun for the whole family. It is located on the Albula pass, which is closed to road traffic, and follows the most beautiful section of the legendary Albula railway line from Preda to Bergün. You can ride the train back to the start and, when you are finished, back to the Engadin.

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