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In our Performance snowboard line, you will find first-class equipment from renowned manufacturers. The famous names in this category include Burton and more. Our selection of Performance boards presents models from the current winter season exclusively. Look forward to high-quality, perfectly maintained snowboards featuring cutting-edge materials and ideal ride characteristics.

These boards guarantee extreme riding enjoyment on and off the piste. Especially more ambitious boarders will be able to exploit the full potential of these snowboards. Whether you prefer an exhilarating ride down one of the many pistes in our region or a virgin deep-snow run through open terrain: With a Performance snowboard, you can count on having made the perfect choice.

Top-notch boards for ambitious boarders
Models from the current season
Famous and exclusive brands
Special rocker models to rent

What distinguishes snowboards in the Performance category?

Sporty boards, beautifully manufactured

The boards in our Performance category were built for riders with sportier ambitions. The central quality characteristics of these snowboards are their dynamism and maneuverability. For experienced boarder especially, they are the preferred gear for the piste as well as excursions into open terrain.

In this category, not only do we offer classic camber boards for rent, but also the sportier rocker boards. In contrast to camber boards, with a rocker the two ends of the snowboard are curved up away from the snow, with contact only being made directly below the feet. This form of construction allows for easier, more nimble turns.

Would you like a snowboard that’s easy to ride?

Discover our Easy snowboards

Where can you ride with Performance snowboards?

First-class performance and enjoyment on every surface

The snowboards in our Performance line feel good whether you are riding on the piste, through alternating terrain or the back country. Due to its maneuverability and good edge grip, it also handles icy passages and steep descents. 

If you prefer to rent a snowboard that’s built to offer a more laid-back ride, choose our snowboard category Easy. These boards are indeed easy to ride and forgive small mistakes. With our responsive Easy models, turns are easy to initiate as well as control.

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