Hardtail or fully?

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What distinguishes our kids' bikes?

Biking enjoyment on hardtail and fully bikes for kids

Above all, hardtail bikes are lighter than fullies. Especially in the Engadin, where steep climbs alternate with rapid descents, this characteristic is very important if you are out riding together. The front-wheel suspension absorbs most of the impact. If the tour you are planning will take you mainly on paved roads, then the lighter-weight hardtail bike is the better choice.

For our small trail bikers, however, we recommend a full-suspension kids' bike: These fully bikes for children are on an absolute par with the adult versions. The suspension on both wheels provides greater comfort and safety. The stronger brakes also play an important role in keeping the bike under control on constantly changing terrain. 

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Where can you ride kids’ bikes with your children?

No trail is too adventurous

On our kids' bikes, children discover the joys of being active in nature. The lighter hardtail bikes are better suited for excursions in flatter countryside with just occasional detours into natural terrain. The lower weight also makes climbs possible. Fully bikes, which also feature rear suspension, are the best choice if you plan to explore the trails in the mountains around St. Moritz with your youngsters. 

For teens and adults, Skiservice Corvatsch offers a big selection of freeride bikes. Aside from classic hardtail and fully bikes, we also rent out partial- and full-suspension E-bikes. Meaning that nothing stands in the way of an extended expedition.

Better safe than sorry

Only with the right bike helmet are children truly safe