Overview of our Rental Bikes and E-Bikes

Find the right equipment for your day on the bike

The right bike for every route and every ability

From big to small – we have the rental bikes you are looking for

On a lighter hardtail bike, only the front axle has suspension. On this bike, you can combine rides along the road with passages that also take you off-road. A fully, on the other hand, has suspension on both wheels, making it the ideal “toy” for variety-packed routes through the mountains. The suspension can be adjusted so as to be hard or soft, making climbs and downhill rides of every kind an absolute joy. 

Freeride bikes were seemingly created for the numerous flow trails and single tracks of the Engadin. Longer suspension travel and an especially stable frame help you maintain control and full traction regardless of the surface.

E-mountain bikes are the hottest trend around. High-performance motors and batteries make even steep climbs and extended tours possible. Hardtails are best suited for paved roads and easier terrain, whereas full-suspension «fullies» are right at home on every kind of trail. 

So that your entire family can have fun on a bike, we also offer special hardtail and fully models for children to rent. These lighter-weight bikes are available in different sizes.

Additional equipment for your safety

Well protected on fast passages and steep trails

Helmets and protectors for your safety

Well protected in the event of a crash

Especially on trails and downhill rides, bikers sometimes reach very high speeds. Moments like those demand complete concentration since even a small error might result in a crash. That’s why safety gear is always a central element of our rental equipment. 

You should never get on a bike without a helmet. Even if you are only taking a short ride down the road, your head always needs to be protected inside a helmet. When you are riding along trails or through open terrain, that maxim becomes even more true. The full-face helmet, also known as an integral helmet, protects your head, but also your face. For freeriders and downhillers, this form of protection is very important. 

Falls from a mountain bike can be very painful. Protectors may protect your arms, legs and joints from bumps, bruises and even broken bones. They are comfortable to wear and don’t restrict freedom of motion on the saddle.