Ski Zai

High-quality, exclusive models for unique skiing experiences

Swiss Premium – made by hand

Graubünden ski maker Zai has set new standards in ski manufacture. Carefully selected materials, in some cases never before used in ski construction, are transformed by hand into the world’s absolute premium skis. Special surfaces made of wood or rubber also make Zai skis optical flagships for the Swiss ski-making industry. For casual to ambitious, good to very good skiers. 

The skis from Zai stand out because of the materials they use and the special manufacturing process: Zai skis are made by hand. State-of-the-art materials and boundless love for detail make Zai the most exclusive brand on the entire ski market. This also applies to the feel of the ride, a cut above the high-quality skis of other manufacturers. Get ready for an enjoyably new and exclusive form of skiing experience!

Highest quality and riding enjoyment
Exclusive ski models from Switzerland
Unique material combinations and looks
Every ski is handmade and one-of-a-kind

What distinguishes skis from Zai?

Optical extravagance, dynamics and ride sensation

The models from Zai are distinguished by high responsiveness and edges that provide outstanding grip. Innovative surface materials guarantee ski construction with a unique look that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. The extraordinarily high level of craftsmanship puts Zai skis in a class of their own. Especially if you are an experienced skier, you will be able to push the potential of these skis on the piste to the max.

Zai stands out from other ski brands due to quality of manufacture as well as its look. Whereas other skis have a wooden core, Zai has gone with gneiss wrapped in carbon fiber. This technology brings added dynamism. In their two best-known models, Zai Stone and Zai Wood, wood and stone are both used in the surface.

This elite Swiss manufacturer cooperates with world-famous luxury brands: producing special-edition models in collaboration with Hublot, Bentley, Saint Laurent and Moncler.

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How can you ski with skis by Zai?

Feel a new surge of life in the snow

The exclusive models from Zai offer a balanced combination of dynamism, responsiveness and speed. As a consequence, you are able to take on the challenges of any piste and enjoy it to the max. Thanks to stable materials, you will master even icy sections of the hill with ease.

If you prefer a ski for beginners, we recommend our Ski Easy category to you. Meanwhile, our category Ski Freeride is predestined for excursions into the deep snow. These wide skis are perfect for going off-piste. And whenever performance is your focus, our aptly named Ski Performance category is where to look. Here, slalom skis as well as models for wider radiuses are both available.

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