What makes our ski and snowboard tuning service special

State-of-the-art processes and machines

The proper tuning of your gear is not something we hazard with: We use computerised machines to wax or resurface your skis and sharpen their edges to perfection.

Custom setting and service

Professionals will adjust the gear to your shape and size – so that nothing keeps you back on the slopes and you can enjoy the snow to the max.

Training, experience and expertise

We are a team of well-trained and well-versed experts and will perfectly prepare your skis and snowboards to ensure maximum safety on every run.

Performance on every terrain

By having your gear professionally tuned, you can increase your control over your skis and snowboard. Tuning also makes for a smoother glide, be it on the groomed slope or off-piste.

Ski and snowboard tuning packages at a glance

Choose from any of the following packages

Wax and polish for more grip and speed

How to improve your gear's performance

To make the most of your day on the slopes, it is essential you wear boots and skis that fit you and your skill level, but also that they are in good shape. Getting a fresh coat of wax on your skis or snowboard and having a polish is a good start to having fun in the snow.

Over and above the basic treatment, we offer a plethora of options to tease out even more performance from your skis or snowboard. First off, you may get the edges sharpened, or get a damaged surface repaired, or yet having your ski or snowboard soles resurfaced entirely. In doing so, we will always make sure that the way we tune your gear is in line with your skill level to minimise the risk of you suffering a fall while skiing.

Electronic ski binding adjustment and release testing for enhanced safety

The right balance to prevent injury

We pay special attention to the binding, which is the place where body and ski connect. Two factors play a role in finding the correct adjustment, and the right balance must be found between them:

  • Not too loose: If the binding is set too loose, it is more likely for the binding to open unexpectedly while making a turn or when hitting a bump in the snow – and the skier is bound to take a tumble.
  • Not too tight: On the other hand, the binding should not be set too tight either as this increases the likelihood of the safety binding not releasing the ski boot in the event of a fall, possibly causing a knee or other injury.

To find the perfect balance, at Skiservice Corvatsch, we rely on an electronic binding adjustment: a computerised device that factors in your body measures (weight, height and shoe size) and your skill level assists our experts in adjusting your binding. In doing so, we optimise power transmission while minimising the risk of injury.

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Other services of Skiservice Corvatsch

Besides renting skis and snowboards, we at Skiservice Corvatsch offer a wide range of other services. The mountains and valleys around St. Moritz are a sports eldorado as much in summer as in winter. In wintertime, aside from hiring skis and snowboards, you can also get your own gear tuned or have it stored at one of our shops or have ski boots fitted. In summer, you can hire the latest model bikes or have your bike serviced.