Here you will find lots of tips for your biking pleasure on trails, pump tracks as well as in skills parks. The interactive mountain bike map contains all trails and roads that are suitable for biking. Immerse yourself in the magical natural scenery of the Engadin Alps and find the route that’s destined to become your personal favorite.

The Engadin also boasts a designated E-bike route. This roughly 20 kilometers-long tour between St. Moritz-Bad, Silvaplana, Surlej, St. Moritz Dorf and Suvretta does not feature any technically challenging stages and is especially designed to match the needs and abilities of beginners. Along the route, you will encounter numerous E-bike rental stations, beautiful lookout points, picnic and grill sites as well as restaurants.

For passionate bikers, families or beginners

Here, you find the right bike route for everyone

The Corviglia area which surrounds the Piz Nair offers variety-packed trails and all degrees of difficulty, from mountain to valley. Three of the most popular routes are: 

  • Padella-Corviglia Panorama Tour
  • Suvretta Loop
  • Bernina Express Tour

Each of these tours offers breathtaking scenery with views of the lake plateau and constantly changing terrain. From easy undulations to banked curves and jumps, you will find everything that goes to make a great flow trail. All three routes are also suitable for families looking to enjoy a downhill ride in the mountains. If you prefer something more laid back, we recommend a ride around the Stazersee in St. Moritz or alongside the Silvaplanersee to Sils. This tour combines wonderfully with a dive into the refreshing, cool water.

Especially for kids, on the Corviglia you will find a skills park where you can enjoy your first biking experiences on uneven terrain. At the valley lift station of the Signalbahn, our pump track invites you to acquaint yourself with features of a pump track such as rollers and steep bermed corners; fun for the whole family!

Alpine trails for true adrenaline junkies and adventurers

On this trail, previous experience is an absolute must

For die-hard trail and downhill fans, especially in the Corviglia area, there are all kinds of opportunities to explore and indulge your love of bike sports. This includes a tour to the Val Schlattain. After riding the gondola to the top of the Piz Nair (3'057 meters), you are greeted by breathtaking scenery and the start of a single-track trail. Amid rocky alpine terrain, the trail leads through rugged country and very steep passages as far as the Corviglia mountain station. A must for every bike with a need for speed and a love of technique.

Other routes suitable for experienced mountain bikers include:

  • Val Suvretta da Murezzan
  • Fopettas Flow Trail
  • Corviglia Supertrail

All of these route feature steep sections that put the conditioning and endurance of bikers to a hard test. They are not suitable for beginners. As your reward, you are not only treated to one-of-a-kind experiences, but also scenery that you generally only know from a picture-postcard.