Overview of our selection of rental skis

Skis for beginners, ambitious riders and pros

Wide selection for every style of skiing

Choose from four categories: At Skiservice Corvatsch, you are certain to find the right ski for your personal skiing style. 

The skis in our Ski Easy category are very responsive, easy to ride and very forgiving of small mistakes. This makes them the favorite choice of casual skiers. If you are looking for a sportier experience, models in our Ski Performance category will definitely make you happy, highly dynamic with good edge grip. Different models for shorter or longer turns are available. 

If you prefer to rent a quality Swiss ski, we definitely recommend our Swiss Made category. In our current selection of models from Stöckli and Molitor, you will find slalom, giant slalom, cross and all-round skis. For an exclusive and unique skiing experience, we also offer Zai skis for rent. These hand-manufactured skis made of wood, stone and other high-quality materials turn your day of skiing into an extraordinary experience.

If you are ready to ski off the groomed pistes, you will be able to select from our freeride skis. Various hybrid models intended both for the piste and open terrain further complement the rental selection offered by Skiservice Corvatsch.

Overview of our snowboard categories for rent

Snowboards for casual and sporty riders

High-quality, name-brand models

We offer two categories of snowboard for rent. All of them are suitable for riding on the piste as well as in deep snow. 

Snowboard Easy is the right choice for beginners as well as casual boarders who value good response and a smooth ride. Snowboard Performance is intended for snowboarders with more experience.

From our wide selection, together with you we will select the board that best meets your needs. Goofy or regular, rookie or pro – we have the right board for you and will finetune it to your individual needs.

Boots, helmets and avalanche equipment

Safety for your adventure

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, your safety is always the top priority. That’s why putting on a helmet before every downhill run is essential. All helmets that you can rent from Skiservice Corvatsch are certified and disinfected between rental customers. 

A perfect hold from your binding is essential for an injury-free day on the piste. Ski and snowboard boots are individually tailored to your body mass. And the bindings will be adjusted so that they release at precisely the right moment. Correct adjustments are the be-all and end-all for avoiding injuries. 

Whenever you plan an excursion in open terrain here in the Engadin, we strongly recommend taking avalanche safety equipment with you. Our offer features a rucksack with airbag, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe as well as various combo packages. You should also make sure you are well informed about current snow and avalanche conditions before stepping away from the marked pistes.

Overview of our winter sports equipment