Safely underway with avalanche safety equipment

Lower weight

Stowed compactly in a lightweight rucksack

Ease to handle and use

Cutting-edge technology for rapid rescue

Our avalanche safety equipment for rent

Modern equipment for even greater safety

These products can save lives on the mountains

Our freeride rucksack is the perfect companion during any freeride or touring adventure. With a large capacity, there’s plenty of room for the most important tools. The rucksack is made from waterproof material, providing space for a shovel, probe and spare clothing. In the event of an avalanche, you will be able to quickly assist in the search for victims. 

Skiservice offers avalanche transceivers to rent. With this equipment, you will be able to pinpoint the position of a victim covered by snow, significantly increasing their chances of being rescued alive. The LVS transceiver is extremely robust, continuing to function even if you suffer a severe fall. Consequently, you will be able to rely on this live-saving technology in the event of an avalanche.

Safety for freeriders and tourers

Extreme caution is required off-piste

With its picturesque landscapes and broad mountainsides, the Engadin is an inviting destination for freeriders and tourers. Snowfall, temperature swings, drifting snow due to strong winds and radiation from the sun may increase the avalanche risk at practically any time. If you are eying a ski tour or freeriding expedition, you should always get informed about the current avalanche situation first. 

Even if the avalanche conditions are not cause for immediate concern, we still recommend having avalanche gear with you at all times. Only in this way can you be sure that, in a worst-case scenario, you are sufficiently prepared and equipped to protect yourself as well as others.

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