Bike Fully

For variety-filled adventures in the mountains

At home on all trails

Full-suspension “fully” bikes are the epitome of mountain biking, especially on steeper passages and loose surfaces. This bike with front and rear suspension offers a balance between strength savings and comfort, during the climb up as well as on the way back down. That’s why a fully bike is the best choice for virtually every trail.

No matter what your biking plans, you should always wear a helmet. In addition to lightweight, classic bike helmets, we also offer full-face helmets for faster descents and wild trail-riding adventures. You can also rent limb protectors from Skiservice Corvatsch as well.

Suspension on front and rear wheel
Sports geometry for ascents and descents
Dynamic adaption of the frame
Medium range of spring (up to 150 mm)

What distinguishes a fully bike?

Versatile for all kinds of fun and adventure

The fully is a universal bike for the mountains. Unlike a hardtail bike, in this case the rear wheel also has suspension. This, along with special tires, provides additional stability, even on a slippery surface, for greater riding comfort.

In terms of the actual suspension travel, a fully is halfway between a hardtail and a freeride bike. It is made for trails of different kinds and lots of riding enjoyment. High-performance disc brakes and a modern shifting system make the fully bike an ideal companion for tours through changing terrain, alternating between climbs and descents.

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Where can you ride with a fully bike?

Strength-saving climbs and stable downhills

There’s good reason the fully is also known as an all-mountain bike. This extremely diverse bike is great fun on single tracks and flow trails as well as off-roading adventures. A fully bike can handle loose surfaces with rocks, branches and potholes effortlessly. Uphill, too, the fully is a good selection for bikers with big ambitions.

If you mainly want to spend your time on steeper, faster trails, we recommend a freeride bike. With its longer suspension travel and more robust construction, you will always maintain control and traction, even on more challenging and alpine trails. For more laid-back rides in flat and easy terrain, we suggest considering a hardtail or one of our E-bikes.

Safety is always the top priority when biking

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