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Pure off-piste enjoyment

Freeriding across mountainsides with a fresh dusting of snow is the ultimate form of skiing for many. In the ski areas surrounding St. Moritz, freeriders are guaranteed to find just what they’ve been looking for. Skiservice Corvatsch has a wide selection of freeride skis in stock for your off-piste adventures. Cut your own tracks across the fresh new snow as you experience one-of-a-kind moments in the hinterland of the Engadin.

Always ultra-cautious: Away from the groomed pistes there is a real danger from avalanches and crevasses. To ensure you are well equipped for a worst-case scenario, we recommend carrying avalanche safety equipment with you. Also, always check the latest avalanche reports and avoid designated wildlife and nature conservation areas. Make sure you are well informed before leaving the marked pistes.

Special models for the deep snow
Wide skis for better flotation
Different models – for every style of skiing
Outstanding ski control even in churned-up deep snow

What distinguishes freeride skis?

Better flotation for greater fun in the deep snow

You will notice the difference between a classic piste ski and a freeride ski at first glance. Freeride skis are significantly wider, which keeps them on the surface of deep snow even at lower speeds. The tip and tail of the ski are more arched upwards (rockers). 

Because these skis are explicitly intended for deep snow and downhill runs in open terrain, many models offer less grip on a harder running surface than classic alpine skis. If you prefer to ski on the piste, we recommend finding a hybrid model that can be used both on- and off-piste.

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Where can you use freeride skis?

At home in the deep snow and open terrain

The models in our Ski Freeride category are perfect companions for deep-snow excursions. On fresh powder and churned-up deep snow, the advantages of freeride models definitely come to the fore. Thanks to the wide running surface and light weight of the skis, you will practically glide across the deep snow. The upwardly curved ends provide greater stability even at higher speeds on churned-up surfaces.

Even if you prefer to ski on groomed pistes, you will find a wide selection of models at Skiservice Corvatsch. Ski Easy skis for an easy ride. Highly responsive, more challenging models await you in our Ski Performance category. Skis by Swiss manufacturers can be found in our categories Swiss Made and Zai.

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