Why cross-country skiing in the Engadin is so rewarding

Trails filled with variety – freshly groomed every night

Ski trails with a wide range of difficulty

Snowy conditions from mid-November until late April

Magical views of the surrounding peaks

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What’s the difference between the equipment for classic and skating technique?

Freestyle cross-country or on maintained tracks

Not all cross-country skiing is the same. The classic diagonal stride and the freer “skating” technique differ significantly both in skiing style as well as equipment. At Skiservice Corvatsch, you will find the right set for both techniques.

Classic cross-country skis are longer and waxed in different zones. The climbing zone beneath the foot is waxed for steeper climbs so that it doesn’t slip. The front and back gliding zones are treated with a gliding wax like that used in alpine skiing. With classic skis, the classic diagonal stride is generally used on prepared tracks.

Skating skis are a little shorter than classic skis. The entire length is treated with a gliding wax. The new skating style is similar to an ice-skating step, boosted by powerful thrusts of the ski poles. Skaters ski on trails that are plowed flat without tracks.

The most beautiful XC trails in the Engadin region

Lose yourself in the beautiful natural scenery of the Engadin

The Engadin is an absolute paradise for cross-country skiers with a variety-rich network of trails for classic and skating technique, featuring a full range of topography and difficulty. Cross-country skiing in the Engadin is wonderfully enjoyable, though also an endurance sport. On the original course of the Engadin Ski Marathon, every day you will encounter dedicated XCers preparing for the biggest cross-country festival in the Alps. On the second Sunday in March, more than 14'000 male and female skiers compete in the «Engadiner».

If you are looking for a special experience, the Engadin also offers special night trails. Awaiting you in St. Moritz, Zernez and Pontresina are brightly illuminated trails that also promise lots of fun after dark. For a special treat, we suggest attending the Engadin Night Race: On the Wednesday before the Engadin Ski Marathon, with headlamps and hundreds of other spectators, the 17 kilometers between Sils and Pontresina become a remarkable experience.

Awaiting for you an extra dose of adventure is the Cross-Park in Samedan. Here, you can practice, not only on flat cross-country trails, but also jumps, curves and steepish descents. Our personal tip if you want to combine classic cross-country skiing with a small adrenaline kick.

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