The St. Moritz region in the Engadin offers you these advantages

Imposing scenery

Alpine lakes such as Lej Alv and Lej Marsch, mountain summits as far as the eye can see, and a glacier massif also covered in snow in summer: All of this awaits you in the Engadin.

Routes for all abilities

Footpaths and mountaineering stages: Here, everybody, beginner or expert, finds just what they have been looking for.

Terrain full of variety

From rugged crags and charming alpine meadows, to mountain streams and fields of snow: In the Engadin, one delightful scene is quickly followed by the next, melding into an overall impression that is utterly impressive.

Pristine natural scenery

In the mountains around St. Moritz, you will become one with nature. No sooner has the path led you into the mountains, than you enter a world that is completely natural and untouched.

Tips for hiking paths and walking tours in and around St. Moritz

From leisurely strolls to all-day expeditions

The Piz Nair in the Corviglia area is a starting point for many hikes. From the village center of St. Moritz, three mountain lifts carry you up to the more than 3'000 meters-high summit. From there, numerous hiking routes extend out through beautiful scenery. Ask at our shops for hiking maps of the region. They will also give you information about the routes and their level of difficulty.

For fans of trekking tours, we recommend the Muottas Muragl or the Diavolezza. Some of the most popular routes in the region begin here.

If you are more in the mood for a walk, the numerous smaller and bigger lakes in the Engadin give you plenty of choices. The Engadin lake plateau serves as a picturesque backdrop for hikes that treat you to impressive scenery. 

Tips for mountaineering tours in the region

High-alpine expeditions – from easy trails to challenging glacier tours

The alpine world surrounding St. Moritz, with its countless peaks, is a mountaineering paradise. From easy fixed-cable climbs to challenging tours across glacial terrain, you are greeted by a colorful mixture of opportunities. Especially famous are: 

  • Piz Bernina elev. 4’049 meters
  • Piz Roseg elev. 3’937 meters
  • Piz Palü elev. 3’901 meters

All three mountains should only be attempted if you have prepared well, are in good physical condition and you have the right equipment, led by an expert mountain guide. If you prefer something more leisurely, why not explore some of the less challenging routes and paths in the surrounding area. For families with children, too, there are numerous routes that invite you to discover the mountains together. No matter which route you choose: The views awaiting you at the top are more than ample reward for the effort you put in.