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The models in our Ski Easy category are especially easy to ride, very responsive and extremely forgiving of mistakes. Giving you active control over every situation you’ll encounter on the piste.

These skis are ideal for easier-going skiers who are still getting to know the sport of skiing and want to have full control over their skis. This category is also suited for kids and teens learning to ski from scratch. These maneuverable skis make those first turns easy and progress is rapid.

Forgiving of small mistakes
High stability and control while skiing
Classics of the current and past season

What distinguishes models in the Ski Easy category?

An easy ride in all conditions

Our Ski Easy models are especially easy to ride and control. Turns are easy to initiate since the skis are extremely responsive. The skis are very forgiving of uncertainty and small skiing mistakes. 

In the Ski Easy category at Skiservice Corvatsch, we offer a full range of lengths; from children to tall adults, everyone finds the ski that fits them perfectly. We are also happy to respond to requests for specific models. Let us know the model you prefer either in the shop or when you make your online reservation.

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Skiing with the Ski Easy models

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Our Ski Easy models are skis that were developed for groomed pistes. Their form and construction make them responsive and easy to control. With our Ski Easy models, you won’t have any problems correcting small skiing mistakes.

If you would like to rent a sportier ski that combines a short turning radius with good acceleration, we would definitely suggest our Ski Performance category. Skiservice Corvatsch also offers higher-quality models from renowned Swiss manufacturers: such as Stöckli in our Swiss Made category and luxury brand Zai. And for excursions in open terrain, we have special freeride models available for you to choose from.

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