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The skis from Swiss manufacturers Stöckli and Molitor have been very popular with our guests for more than 25 years. Stöckli offers a product palette ranging from laid-back enjoyment to racing excitement, always in combination with exceptional Swiss quality. From our rental selection, you will be able to choose the ski that meets your every wish. 

The Stöckli Laser SL is a short ski for tight radiuses, particularly suited for quick, dynamic turns. Longer models, such as the Laser GS FIS, excite skiers with good glide characteristics intended to get the most out of every downhill run. We also offer models for ladies that are a little lighter in weight. With Stöckli skis, fun on the piste is guaranteed – in all conditions.

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What distinguishes our Swiss Made skis?

Innovation meets decades-long experience

The model range of Stöckli and Molitor offers something perfect for everyone. These Swiss skis are the right choice for cautious beginners, skiers with sporting ambitions and fans of agile, short turns. Stöckli and Molitor stand for modern ski construction, Swiss quality and all kinds of fun in the snow!

By using different types of wood, even bamboo, the different models feature a range of weights and characteristics. Reinforced edges make the skis reliable in all piste conditions and at the same time more durable.

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How can you ski on Swiss Made skis?

An enjoyable ride on every piste and every run

With the Swiss Made skis from Stöckli and Molitor, the piste becomes one giant adventure playground. Thanks to the dynamics and different ride characteristics of the various models, you will be able to slice through the snow on these Swiss skis with playful ease. Whether loose pistes of new snow or challenging icy passages: The Swiss Made models always keep you on the right track.

If you are looking for a responsive ski that’s easy to ride, the Ski Easy is a great recommendation. You will also find sportier skis by other manufacturers in our Ski Performance category. If you prefer very exclusive skiing enjoyment, we suggest the skis by Swiss manufacturer Zai.

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