E-Bike Fully

Power up the mountain and race back down

Riding enjoyment and stability with a full-suspension electric mountain bike

When it comes to the ride itself, the fully E-bike matches up perfectly with a classic fully mountain bike. Due to full suspension, fullies are a little heavier, though simultaneously more stable. The integrated motor provides the necessary kick whenever you are pedaling uphill or riding extended distances. These characteristics make the fully E-bike one of the most popular bike categories we have here in St. Moritz. 

The high-performance motors and long battery life make even longer distances and bigger climbs possible. Giving you a far wider range of choices when deciding where your next adventure will take you. Also on flow trails and steeper sections, fully E-bikes are right at home. That said, we strongly recommend that you wear additional safety gear to protect yourself from injury in the event of a fall. Protective equipment can also be rented from us.

Suspension on front and rear wheel
Innovative engine
Durable battery
Medium range of spring (up to 150 mm)

What distinguishes a fully E-bike?

All-terrain adventures

Fully E-bikes offer the same ride characteristics and advantages of a classic fully mountain bike: The suspension on both wheels and wider tires provide good traction on unstable surfaces. The integrated motor generates additional power as needed for climbs or extended distances.

The motor can be adjusted to change the degree of support it gives. The battery itself is integrated directly into the stable frame of the bike. Fully charged, it will assist you all day long. The motor and battery do make the E-bike heavier, though this also makes for a more stable ride. Especially when riding on trails, the extra weight makes a noticeable positive difference.

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Where can you ride with a fully E-bike?

The perfect equipment for steep climbs and longer tours

Fully bikes can be used in many different ways, but with the electric version, those same all-mountain characteristics acquire even great significance: Whereas the climb used to be really tough and arduous, with a fully E-bike you virtually fly up the mountainside, saving your energy for the exciting ride back down later. Thanks to the greater weight, with a fully E-bike you can also negotiate a wide range of trails. Needless to say, routes through the open countryside and constantly changing scenery are a hot tip for riders of fully E-bikes. 

If you are thinking more in terms of a laid-back tour and a ride that doesn’t involve steep climbs, we recommend considering a hardtail E-bike. And if you are quite happy to go without any motorized support, but still look forward to the fun and excitement of down-hilling, then you will definitely be well equipped with a classic fully or freeride bike.

“Safety first” also applies to E-bikes

Protective gear is also a must on trails