Why choose ski boot fitting

Many years of expertise and know-how

Our team are very experienced ski boot fitters. They will know how to make any pair of feet feel good in ski boots – or snowboard boots, for that matter.

Individual adjustments

Each pair of feet is different, so every ski boot needs to be shaped and fitted differently.

Innovative methods

We have state-of-the-art technology and machines working for us – to find the best possible solution for maximum comfort.

A digital foot scan for a firm footing

With a three-dimensional scan of both your feet, we get to know the precise shape of your feet. Your ski boot will be adjusted based on this data.

Fitting new ski boots

Finding the right ski boot made easy

Choosing the right ski boot is key to freedom of movement on the slopes while maintaining a perfect hold in the ski binding. Skiservice Corvatsch makes use of up-to-date techniques to find the right choice for you. 

Every selection process starts with a three-dimensional scan of both your feet to identify each foot's special features. Based on this data, we shortlist the makes and models best suited for your type of foot and ankle, taking into account all the nuances between the different manufacturers' designs among the wide selection we carry. Having settled on the right model, we then shape the shell of the ski boot to fit each of your feet perfectly. 

To complete the customised ski boot, Skiservice Corvatsch provides foamed inner boots. The inner boot will be foamed to the precise shape of your foot – the boots will fit like a glove, guaranteed. Your feet will feel the difference.

Ski boot fitting when you bring your own ski boots

Pressure sores are a thing of the past

At Skiservice Corvatsch, you can also have ski boots fitted that you purchased elsewhere. If you feel your ski boot does not fit as well as it could, having it fitted might help. Especially if you tend to get sore at the same places time and over again, a small adjustment to the shape of the shell of your ski boot might work wonders.

A careful analysis of your foot shape will, once again, be the first step towards achieving this goal. Using the three-dimensional scan as a guide, we will then tweak the outer shell of your ski boot in just the right places to get rid of the painful spots. Special heat treatment is used to mould the shell. In some instances, customised insoles will further improve the result. 

Other services of Skiservice Corvatsch

At Skiservice Corvatsch, we offer a wide range of services besides ski boot fitting. The mountains and valleys around St. Moritz are a sports eldorado as much in summer as in winter. In wintertime, aside from hiring skis and snowboards, you can also get your own gear tuned or have it stored at one of our shops or have ski boots fitted. In summer, you can hire the latest model bikes or have your bike serviced.