Snowboard Easy

Trusted snowboards for beginners and casual riders

Easy, lightweight and responsive

The snowboards in our Easy line are easy to ride and lots of fun on the piste as well as in the deep snow. Exceptionally flexible and responsive, they make it easier to initiate and control your turns. Despite being so maneuverable, these snowboards also provide good stability and a smooth ride – also through rougher passages. These boards are well suited for beginners and casual riders.

Boards in our Easy category are also suitable for children looking to slice down the slopes for the very first time. With our Easy snowboards, rapid learning progress and the joy that goes with it are clearly evident.

Easy to ride on the piste
Outstanding response initiating turns
Forgiving of mistakes, smooth ride
Models by famous manufacturers

What distinguishes snowboards in our Easy category?

Responsiveness and riding enjoyment

In our Easy snowboard category, you will find models that are easy to steer, whilst providing outstanding stability going into turns. Characteristics that are very welcome to boarders who are gathering their first experiences on a snowboard and still growing in confidence. 

The snowboards in our Easy category are classic camber models. With these boards, the entire running surface of the board lies on the snow, with only the two ends curved upwards. Consequently, you are easily able to initiate the next turn and correct for small mistakes. 

Would you like a sportier snowboard?

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How can you ride on an Easy snowboard?

Fun on the piste and in the deep snow

With the snowboards in our Easy category, you will be able to ride on the piste as well as in deep snow. The construction and characteristics of these snowboards are very forgiving of small mistakes, allowing you to maintain constant control of the board and avoid falls riding downhill. The smooth ride and stability of this board are an additional safety aspect.

If you already have some snowboarding experience and prefer a sportier board, we recommend our snowboards in the Performance category. Here, we offer both camber as well as rocker boards to rent. 

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