Bike Hardtail

For tours on surfaced paths and dirt trails

Easy and diverse

Hardtail bikes are the original form of mountain bike. They are a little easier, more affordable way to get your biking enjoyment in nature. Even though these bikes only have front suspension, when choosing your routes you won’t have to avoid bike trails or easier downhill rides. Hardtail bikes lend themselves to laid-back tours through the beautiful Engadin with its extraordinary natural beauty. 

Due to the lighter weight and smoother-running wheels of hardtail bikes, they also make longer excursions possible. On a hardtail bike, too, protection against injuries is important: That’s why we recommend wearing a helmet on all bike tours. Safety is the top priority.

Suspension on the front wheel
Light overall weight
Allround tires for streets and offroad
Short range of spring (up to 100 mm)

What distinguishes a hardtail bike?

The lightweight of mountain bikes

The biggest difference from other mountain bikes is the suspension. The hardtail bike only has suspension on the front axle. That’s why the hardtail bike is also the lightest category of bike we offer for rent. Meaning you can tackle climbs of every kind, even in steeper terrain, without major physical effort. 

When you are riding trails downhill, stability and robustness are especially important. Because our hardtails are lighter, they don’t require installation of disc brakes. On the other hand, they feature modern gear shifters, giving you ideal power transmission regardless of the terrain and saving you energy.

Want a more robust bike for trails?

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Where can you ride a hardtail bike?

Roadworthiness meets all-terrain functionality

With a hardtail bike, you can enjoy bike tours along paved roads or take a detour through the open countryside. The tires are designed to handle asphalt and gravel, though they run smoothly and safely over all kinds of surface. Even easy MTB trails are possible. Though a fully is definitely a more comfortable option in that case.

If you want o experience the beautiful mountain scenery of the Engadin along our variety-packed single tracks and flow trails, we recommend a fully bike. Due to their full suspension, they are more versatile, able to handle trails of every kind. For more speed, we suggest a freeride bike. E-bikes with partial or full suspension complete the rental selection at Skiservice Corvatsch.

Your protection for every bike tour

A helmet may save your life!