Frequently asked rental questions

If you choose to reserve online, you can submit your rental request no later than two days before the start of the actual rental period. The products will then be waiting for you, perfectly prepared and adjusted, at the shop of your choosing. We look forward to seeing you here!

Yes. During the online rental process, as you select the product category you can also use the section labeled «Preferred Model» to tell us your preferences. With every booking, we always attempt to fulfill our customers’ specific wishes. Due to limited availability of certain models, however, we are unable to guarantee that we will always be able to provide the requested model.

Yes. Even after you have submitted the booking, you can go ahead and make changes as necessary to the equipment you have booked (add/remove) as well as the people (including your companions). If you remove products, you will receive a refund by means of the payment method you had originally used. If you add products, you will be able to pay the difference online.

In order to adjust your equipment to your individual needs, your physical measurements (height, weight, sex, etc.) are very important. These can be entered later, even if you have already completed your booking. 

To edit your reservation, please use the link contained in your email confirmation. Please note that reservations can only be edited or modified up to two days before the start of your scheduled rental period. At that point, changes will then have to be made at the time you pick up your equipment from the shop.

If you wish to cancel the entire booking, you can do so up to two days prior to the start of the rental period. Use the link contained in the email confirmation you received to edit or cancel your booking. We will then refund the amount you had already paid for the rental.

The individual shops of Skiservice Corvatsch have their own opening times. These may be found in the shop overview. Here you will not only find contact information for each shop, but also additional details about their product selection and the services which they offer.

Yes. You may edit, add or remove products and people included in your booking up to two days prior to the start of your scheduled rental period. This also applies to your companions. 

In other words, you may wish to add people to your group or, for example in the case of illness, remove them. If you are forced to remove someone, the difference in cost will be refunded to you using the method you chose for your original payment. If you add a person, you will be able to pay the additional amount directly online.

No, it is also possible to reserve products from our rental area without a customer account. However, a customer account does have big advantages if you choose to rent online: Aside from a special 10% rebate on every reservation, you will have a central gateway to administer your data and be able to maintain a complete overview of your previous rentals.

If you have forgotten your password, it is easy to reset. Click on the item «Customer Account» in the website navigation menu. On the form which appears asking you to enter your information, you will also see a link labeled «I have forgotten my password». After clicking on this, you will be asked to enter your email address. An email will then be sent to you if a customer account has previously been registered with Skiservice Corvatsch under this email address. This email contains a link taking you to a website where you can establish a new password for your customer account.

Yes. Suitable ski poles are included in all ski categories that are rentable online with Skiservice Corvatsch. The length of the poles will be matched to your height and chosen to meet your specific individual needs. When you pick up your equipment in person, your ski poles – together with the skis themselves – will already have been prepared for you.

Skiservice Corvatsch offers group bookings especially for school classes, tour groups or business outings for 10 people or more. 

In other words, if you simply wish to travel with friends or family, a classic online reservation by means of our website is your best option. Further information about group bookings may be found here.

Was your question not answered here?

In that case, drop us an email or contact our shop team by phone. You are also welcome to write to us using the contact form we have provided. Or why not stop by one of our shops in person, where we will be happy to assist. We look forward to helping you!