E-Bike Hardtail

An additional boost on roads and trails

More power for your tour

With a hardtail E-bike, you will also be able to handle higher and longer routes. The area around St. Moritz offers all kinds of beautiful trails through virtually untouched nature, inviting you to set out on all-day trips that are filled with variety. Our hardtail bikes are comfortable and provide a smooth ride.

Whether you plan to take a tour on the roads of the region or prefer to explore terrain trails through the beautiful countryside: Our hardtail E-bikes are an excellent choice. Before every rental, we give the bikes a special inspection and fully recharge the batteries, giving you the freedom to do whatever you are in the mood for. Needless to say, a bike helmet is essential for every tour.

Suspension on the front wheel
Innovative engine
Additional stability of the frame
Sort range of spring (up to 100 mm)

What distinguishes a hardtail E-bike?

Turbo-charged extended tours

These bikes are distinguished by typical hardtail characteristics, including a sportier frame construction, suspension on the front wheel and reduced weight. Meanwhile, the E-bike also gives you a high-performance motor and a long-lasting battery.  

With that extra boost from the motor, you are able to manage longer distances and greater elevation gains. The motor can be turned completely off or adjusted to provide different levels of support.

Would you prefer to explore the trails on an E-bike or a bike without a motor?

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Where can you ride on a hardtail E-bike?

The all-round bike for roads and paths through the countryside

With a hardtail mountain bike, you have a variety of choices, including forest and gravel paths as well as paved roads. Your tires give you a smooth ride and offer good traction. Thanks to the motor, you can also easily manage longer distances.

If you prefer to ride on true bike trails through more challenging terrain, we recommend a fully E-bike. And for excursions without motorized assistance, we offer a wide range of classic mountain bikes. Skiservice Corvatsch also rents special bikes designed just for the kids.

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