Bike Freeride

For flow trails, alpine paths and changing terrain

The versatile companion for downhill rides in the mountains

A freeride bike unites the qualities of downhill and enduro bikes. When it comes to the frame and components, there are some parallels to a downhill bike. However, the freeride bike is significantly lighter and better suited for easier downhills and flow trails.

Our freeride fullies with front and rear suspension offer a compromise between stability on descents and strength savings riding straight or uphill. Because you can also reach high speeds on a freeride bike, we recommend safety equipment to protect you against injury. A full-face helmet and protectors are a good choice for safe downhill biking.

Suspension on front and rear wheel
Stability at higher speed downhill
Performance-oriented disc brakes for full control
Long range of spring (up to 200 mm)

What distinguishes a freeride bike?

Full speed meets maneuverability

Freeride bikes feature a robust, selectively reinforced frame for additional stability when riding downhill over varying terrain. Sporty frame geometry with a high seat position along with less sag on the fork make for a faster, more comfortable downhill experience.

Long suspension travel adds to your biking enjoyment, especially on steeper descents and rough surfaces. High-performance disc brakes and special off-road tires ensure that grip and traction are always there when you need them. On fast downhills and trails, a freeride bike never disappoints.

Would you like a lighter bike?

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Where can you ride a freeride bike?

Downhill, trails and tours – with a freeride bike, virtually everything is possible

Freeride bikes can be used in a variety of ways: with a focus mainly on different types of trail. Whether we are talking about challenging alpine paths or nicely maintained flow trails: The freeride bike always keeps you on track.

Downhill courses are also possible on a freeride bike. What you lose in terms of stability due to the lighter frame, you more than make up for on a freeride bike with a more dynamic ride through the curves and turns. 

However, if you prefer the full spectrum of trails, you might want to consider an enduro bike, suitable for practically all kinds of terrain. E-bikes are also available for you to rent at Skiservice Corvatsch.

Additional protection on trails and downhill passages

Protect yourself if you fall