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Surftrip Maldives

<p>Surftrip Maldives</p>

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More often than not, the Junior Manager, Conradin Conrad finds himself thinking of the forthcoming, well earned vacation in April, toward the end of the long winter season. But he doesn’t want to leave the world of sports during that time. Instead, he changes from ski boards (so to speak) to surf boards.

He chose something special for the early summer of 2008: three weeks on a ship in the southern atoll of the Maldives, which is still largely undiscovered by tourism and where there are many varied waves in this season, when the winter storms of the north-east monsoon blow into the southern hemisphere. What was it like? “Of course we rushed out to the waves at sunrise every morning, after a cup of tea shortly after 6 o’clock, because this is what we came here for, after all. Our surf guides, Thomas and Eric, knew the best surfing spots. We were taken directly to the line-up in a small jolly boat, where the waves break at the reef. The water was about 28° and was marvelously clear.”

When paddling, one could see many fishes and the large ocean turtles.” Conradin continues: “About three hours later we had a mighty big breakfast because surfing makes you awfully hungry. And afterwards we went right back on the boards again, before the big noon heat came up. After lunch, which often consisted of well seasoned fish or curried chicken – the cook always prepared his own curry mixture fresh and with individual spices, by the way – we always dozed, played cards, or read in the shade. I finally had time to read all the books which I don’t get around to during the season!”
Conradin had deliberately not taken his cell phone on the trip, although since the tsunami in 2004, cell phone reception is possible there everywhere. Instead, he looked forward to the afternoon surfing or an extensive snorkeling tour in one of the numerous coral-reefs of the Hudvadhoo atoll. Everyone had to be back again by 6 p.m. since the captain had to return to the anchorage within the atoll by 7 o’clock as it gets dark suddenly.

Conradin Conrad enjoyed the time-out very much. And for the coming vacation in 2009 he has already made a date with his friends on the surf boat again.